Listed below are the products we carry, most items are stock items and ready for pick up or delivery.

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If you do not see the product you are looking for or would like a custom order please send an email to with the details and we can give you an estimate. 

Septic tanks range from 1000-6000 gallons.

Prices start at $1085.00

Need to raise your septic tank lid, we carry risers for your new or old tanks.

Sand &g grease traps range from 440-8000 gallons.

Prices starting at $1250.00

Triple compartment grese traps range from 800-4000 gallons. Prices start at $3035.00

We also have risers for your traps 

Holding tanks range from 1000-7000 gallons. Prices start at $1255.00

We also offer galvanized hinge covers and concrete risers. 

Small catch basins/yard drains are the perfect small box for your small projects. Prices start at $88.00, each of our small boxes come with a grate. 

Sampling manholes are 4' or 5' diameter, prices start at $1118.00

We also carry sampling manholes per city requirements. 

Catch basins are perfet for your bigger jobs, parking lots and road ways. We carry a varity of sizes starting at 2' x 2' x 2' ID. Prices start at $192.00

We also carry extensions.

Curb Inlets, Combos and Cleanouts

Water features rang from 500-6000 gallons. 

Prices starting at  $850.00

We have custom & Standardized grating for your waterfall/river needs. 

Sizes range from 4' x 4' to 10' x 20' 

Prices start at $690.00

Prefrred provider for Rocky Mountain Power. 

Vendor of Brooks Products

We carry a varity of  concrete sizes in 18", 30" and 40" diameters. We carry cast iron grade rings.